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The fake reassuring homepage of the scam

Uncover the scam of In the merciless universe of the web, where shadows and lights intertwine, certain websites turn out to be veritable nests of fraud. Among them, stands out for its deceptive ingenuity and malicious intentions. Like a predator lying in wait, it disguises itself behind a virtual facade to strip the innocent of their precious savings. It is our duty to expose the dark secrets of this den of scammers and alert unsuspecting users., a scam at first sight

At first glance, reveals its fraudulent intentions. Its alleged area of expertise lies in Contract for Difference (CFD), extremely risky financial instruments subject to strict regulations. However, there is no authorization, no mention of any regulation here. The complete absence of information about the company behind this platform is already a first warning sign of the impending danger.

Let's continue our exploration and unmask the diabolical tricks set up by these impostors. At the heart of the homepage, a word resonates with force: CFD. These four letters, which almost evoke the famous adage "What Needed to be Demonstrated," seem to want to instill an illusion of credibility. In the background, a breathtaking view of illuminated skyscrapers and an urban sky, symbols of enticing prosperity. The manipulators behind NextOnBid want to convince you that you are out of place, insinuating that they are the professionals capable of guiding your steps.

A fake Crypto offer to conceal real misappropriation of funds

But let's not be fooled by the artifices! Let's look beyond the flashy thumbnails and logos that claim to announce enticing markets and products. Because the real scam lies in their supposed cryptocurrency offer. Users are compelled to make their payments exclusively in cryptocurrencies. This is where our expertise comes into play, deciphering what is happening in the shadows. The blockchain, this technological marvel, reveals everything to those who can decipher it. However, one must possess the appropriate skills and tools to uncover the mysteries hidden behind this deceptive facade. Scammers often use cryptocurrencies to cover their tracks, making any reimbursement impossible.

It is imperative to understand that is nothing more than a fraudulent website, a web woven with lies. Any interaction with this den of fraud is to be avoided.

Crypto&Check analysis of payment operations from victims of the scam

We have taken as a starting point a series of payments made by confirmed victims of These cryptocurrency operations, specifically Bitcoin, were directed to the same consolidation account.

Two levels of transaction consolidation

This account is on the right in the graph, and we can clearly see the flow of operations. It is fueled by a series of small transactions from individual accounts. It is then emptied to a second-level consolidation account. Subsequently, we observe the implementation of two money laundering techniques. The first involves multiplying transactions to different transit accounts. These are the accounts labeled "Masking transfers" on the graph.

Bitcoin laundering flowchart of

The second technique used is to multiply second-level consolidation accounts. These accounts are themselves fueled by a series of first-level accounts. Not all of these accounts are mentioned in the graph to maintain readability.

Over $6 million laundered through this scheme

The interesting point is that all these transactions ultimately converge towards a single output account whose location we have been able to identify. The amount is considerable, as it reaches over $6 million US dollars. Please note that this graph corresponds to real operations. Therefore, for confidentiality reasons, the graph is blurred. If you have conducted cryptocurrency transactions, you can commission us to obtain an analysis of your operations.

If you have already been a victim, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you believe you have fallen victim to a scam. We are here to help and support you in all your actions.


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