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Why and how to track crypto assets?

Unlike traditional banking transactions, cryptocurrency transactions are fully traceable and recorded in the blockchain.

The concept of crypto assets relies on the public nature of transactions and is at the heart of the crypto ecosystem. Public, however, does not mean that anyone can go and consult them easily. Accessing the data requires using a specialized interface that will present the raw data of the blockchain in an intelligible form.

There are many free blockchain explorers that allow you to verify transactions. Except that a simple consultation is not enough to reconstruct the logic of the transactions. In the case of fraud, scams or any other illicit operations, the interpretation and follow-up will require specific know-how and analysis capacities.

This is precisely the role of the Crypto&Check service. The analysis report that is provided serves as a basis for initiating litigation, whether criminal or civil, or amicable negotiation actions

Articles on the latest scams

Articles on the latest scams



Broker Defense France is a company providing support and assistance to victims of fraud and scams since 2014.




Our lawyers and analysts are there to listen to the victims, to dissect the modus operandi in order to best prepare the case documents so that the lawyers with whom we work in many countries can intervene and perform the acts necessary to defend the rights of the victims.

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